I’m a Bad Serger Mommy

I took my “new” serger in for an owner’s class today. It’s been “sick” and I was about to throw it out the window because I was so frustrated with it. Turns out the problems were mainly “user error” (blush). Two little finger thingies broke off the stitch plate so I need another one of those, and the blades are dull and need to be replaced. She said I was a “heavy user” and need to bring the serger in for a tune-up 2-3 times a year instead of just once a year – oops! The good news is that she figures it’ll be done by Sept 1, and all tune-ups are free for the first 2 years – no matter how many times I take it in. I can’t wait for it to be tuned up and come home!

Amy Sue

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  1. LOL. You have no idea how many times I have spent hours cursing my sewing machine, only to be reminded that I need to switch out the needles pretty often because I am a rough user. Now I don’t feel so bad!

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