The Dr. Seuss Tree – Part 2

Saturday dawned cool but sunny – perfect weather for planting trees! The boys were disappointed that they couldn’t come along to pick up the tree, but Teacher didn’t think there would be enough room for them and the tree.

As usual, Teacher was right; we had to put both back seats in the Suburban down for the tree to fit.


Larch Tree - Z-Man in CarZ-Man lost no time welcoming the Larch to our yard once we got home. He and Little Guy had been counting down the days until we could bring the tree home, and now that it was finally here they were just as excited as I was.


Larch Tree - Getting Tree out of CarTeacher and Jo-Bear carefully maneuvered Larch out of the Suburban. He’s a lot heavier and more awkward than he looks!


Larch Tree - CarryingThen they grabbed the root ball, I held the trunk near the top, and Little Guy held the very top up so it wouldn’t drag.


Larch Tree - Carrying MoreZ-man joined the tree parade, helping Little Guy carry the top of Larch. Yes, they’re wearing matching shirts; they got themselves dressed while Teacher and I were at the nursery and decided to wear matching shirts to surprise me.


Larch Tree - Still Carrying the TreeYou wouldn’t think it’d be so hard to carry a tree up a driveway, but the branches kept getting in the way.


Larch Tree - SnufflupagusI think he looks kind of like Mr. Snuffleupagus, who used to be one of my favorite Sesame Street characters.


Larch Tree - PositioningSo, where exactly should we put it?


Larch Tree - StraighteningTeacher held Larch upright so it was easier to figure out where to put it.


Larch Tree - Looking for the Perfect SpotMaybe it should go over here more…


Larch Tree - Branch DetailWhile Teacher and I were figuring out where to put Larch, Angel Face got artistic with the camera.


Larch Tree - Z-Man Calls Grandma & GrandpaZ-Man was so excited about the tree he couldn’t wait to call Grandma and Grandpa to have them come over to see it.


Larch Tree - Pine ConesAnother artsy photo by Angel Face; the pine cones are so cute!


Larch Tree - Grandma and GrandpaGrandma and Grandpa approve of Larch and his positioning.


Larch Tree - That's the SpotOK hun, turn him a quarter turn clockwise… No wait, back the other way… Not so much… Go back th first way… Wait… Yup, that’s perfect!


Larch Tree - Teacher Digs“X” marks the spot – time to dig!


Larch Tree - And DigsAnd dig…

They ran into some roots from the pear tree. Uh oh!


Larch Tree - Jo-Bear Chops“X” marks the spot – time to chop!


Larch Tree - Chopped RootNice work, Jo-Bear. Just keep your feet out of the way please.


Larch Tree - Teacher ChopsAnd chop…


Larch Tree - More Chopped RootI can see progress!


Larch Tree - Jo-Bear Chops AgainAnd chop some more…


Larch Tree - Teacher DigsAnd dig some more…


Larch Tree - Tree in HoleFinally, the hole was ready! They told us to plant the tree so about 2″ of the root ball was above ground, then to cover it with mulch. Joe taught me “Plant ’em high and they’ll thrive; plant ’em low they won’t grow.”


Larch Tree - Filling in DirtTeacher used part of the root they’d chopped out to prop Larch up until he was filled in and staked.


Larch Tree - Done!I think he looks happy in his new home – don’t you?

Amy Sue

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