Marshmallow Update

Well, we’re back from the vet – what an adventure! The vet wasn’t scheduled to come in today but he came in to see Marshmallow anyway. Princess and I planned to be early since he was being so nice and coming in for us, but you know how these things go…

We had to go to Hortonville, about 15 miles away, because that’s where the small animal vet in the group is. I’m not very familiar with the area, but remembered how to get there from last week. Of course we ended up leaving a little late, then Princess and I got busy talking about Marshmallow and planning to paint the girls’ bedroom this weekend. All of a sudden we noticed that things didn’t look right around us – we were on the wrong road!

I turned around in a gas station and made a big loop around a “country block” to try and hit the right road without going all the way back to Appleton. But after about five minutes of driving on the “right” road we found ourselves staring at the same gas station again. – Grrr! This time I took a good look around spied the golden arches peeking over the trees. I knew we had to pass that McDonald’s to get to the vet so we headed in that direction. We finally made it to the vet, only 10 minutes late – whew!

The vet said that he was sure Marshmallow didn’t have a tumor, but that he could continue to abscess for some time yet. He picked the older scab off, totally grossing Princess and me out, and put some surgical glue on it to stop the oozing. The vet seemed impressed at Marshmallow’s age. Apparently most hamsters are about 3 mos old when they’re put up for sale, which means Marshmallow will be 3 next month! The spot on Marshmallow’s hip is just an “old hamster” spot, and nothing to worry about. Princess and I were both relieved to hear that Marshmallow is going to be OK! Now I just need to get her to clean his cage…

Amy Sue

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