Top 10 Weird Phrases Heard in Our House

In no particular order…

  • 1. “Could you please not sneeze into the batter?”
    – Irish Girl to Little Guy while making cheesecakes.
    Keep an eye out for the recipe – it’s worth the wait!
  • 2. “This isn’t my band-aid – why is it on my knee?”
    – Jo-Bear, staring at his left knee.
  • 3. “Where are your clothes?”
    – Said often to Peanut and Love Bug.
  • 4. “Well, I was trying to hit a bug with this cantaloupe…”
    – Jo-Bear, on how he hit his head.
  • 5. “Don’t take your pants off and dance on the table!”
    – Irish Girl to two-year-old nekkie stage Love Bug.
  • 6. “Stop licking the cat!”
    – Me to Little Guy. Poor Buddy!
  • 7. “What are you eating and where did you get it?”
    – Any adult to any of the younger four children.
  • 8. “Oh! It’s not my bra; it’s me!”
    – Princess, after discovering what was bugging her all day.
  • 9. “It smells like a llama in here.
    – Angel Face, for no apparent reason.
  • 10. “Why are you naked?!”
    – Me to Little Guy, way too often.
    Oh yes, they call him the Streak; fastest thing on two feet…”


What are some of the strange phrases heard at your house?
Amy Sue

One Comment

  1. And the very day this posted another weird phrase was heard! Teacher to Angel Face:

    “When was the last time you licked a chicken?”

    I swear I’m not making this up; my imagination isn’t that good. 😉

    ~Amy Sue

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