An Idiot – with Great Earrings

As I’ve admitted before, I don’t always read Etsy listings carefully. To be honest, I often see a photo, fall in love, and make the purchase with barely a glance at the listing.


And I did it again.


It actually all started at Pinterest.

I was aimlessly wandering around my Pinterest boards when I realized that my Dragonfly board was pathetically empty. Yes, I’m terrified of butterflies and moths. Yes, I’m in love with dragonflies. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either. I decided to browse Etsy for dragonfly items to add to my board.

Since I’d recently sold some appliqued prefold diapers I planned to treat myself if something caught my eye.

Then, in the middle of the page my eye was caught by a pair of earrings from Wind Spirit Designs.

Dragonfly Earrings
Not just any earrings, but earrings that had obviously been made especially for me.

They were long.

They were shiny.

They were dangly.

They had dragonflies.

They were mine!

Well, they were about to become mine.


Scrolling down to the bottom of the listing I double-checked shipping cost to make sure it was reasonable.

It was.

Then I scrolled back up to make sure they were a decent length. I know how deceptive online photos can be, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying miniature earrings.

They were. A decent length that is; not miniature earrings.


So I clicked the pretty green rectangle, made my payment, and waited somewhat patiently for them to arrive.

When they arrived I ripped open the top of the envelope, turned it upside down, and was surprised when TWO pairs of earrings fell out!

Star Earrings
I assumed the second pair of earrings was a freebie pair – an amazing freebie pair. I was very impressed; I’ve gotten many nice “freebies” from handcrafting artisans – including some jewelry – but nothing as amazing as these earrings. Unlike most freebies, which are obviously less valuable than the purchased item, these earrings are just as nice as the ones I’d paid for.


Suddenly I thought that maybe Mariah, the Wind Spirit Designs artisan, had made a mistake and sent me two pairs of earrings by mistake.

Then I thought maybe she was trying to clear them out, to promote her business through word-of-mouth, or to encourage repeat business.

Whatever the reason, I was thrilled with BOTH pairs of earrings and went right to Etsy to leave feedback. I wanted other customers to know how generous Wind Spirit Designs was, so I mentioned the pair of “bonus” earrings in the feedback I left.


After submitting the feedback I went back to Wind Spirit Designs to look at the listing again. Although I usually skip over the details at first, I usually go back later to read the listing thoroughly. As I read I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before…

Underneath the photos of my dragonfly earrings there were photos of the second pair of earrings, and the listing said “2 Earrings for one Price!!” I swear that phrase wasn’t there the first time I looked.


I felt stupid.

How had I missed the second pair?

I felt even more stupid when I remembered the feedback I left. Those “bonus” earrings I raved about were really part of the listing. If Mariah reads it she’ll think I’m an utter idiot.


I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

Oh well, it’s too late to change it.

Besides, I may be an idiot…

But I’m an idiot with TWO fantastic pairs of earrings!

Amy Sue

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