Anniversary Picnic Invitations

Obviously the first thing you need to do when you’re planning a party is send out invitations. Otherwise no one would come, and a party without guests is just sad.

Since early June is prime graduation and wedding season Mom was worried that people might commit to another event before getting our invitation, so I knew the invitations had to go out ASAP.

With “50th Anniversary” on the brain my first thought was of local places that print invitations. Then I remembered the budget and decided I needed to think again. I considered making invitations to save money. Auntie Elle and I used to stamp cards together all the time, and I was sure Aunt Dee would help out too, but there just wasn’t time.

I decided to Google “Anniversary Picnic Invitations” to see what was out there, and discovered that there’s apparently no such thing as an Anniversary Picnic. At least not that I could find invitations for! There were invitations for Anniversaries, 50th Anniversaries, 50th Birthdays, Birthdays in general, Picnics, Family Reunions, Backyard BBQs, Summer Celebrations, etc, etc, etc. But nothing specifically for an Anniversary that was also a Picnic. Trust my family to do something different!

Having used VistaPrint in the past I decided search their invitation templates for Picnic designs. There were a LOT to choose from, but finally I found one that worked. I was so paranoid I’d mess up the date, time, place, or a combination of the three that I double, triple, and quadruple checked before sending in the order.

Anniversary Picnic InvitationWhat do you think?

The back is printed too, with a blue sky and white clouds. I didn’t take a photo, but at the top it says “Please dress for the weather. Lawn chairs encouraged. No gifts please.” – all taken verbatim from the List of Demands. At the bottom are directions to the picnic.

What do you think? I’m 99% happy with them – if I’d put “close friends” instead of “special friends” I’d be 100% happy with them. But I was in a hurry and so worried about messing up the important facts that I didn’t catch that phrase until it was too late. Oh well, it could have been worse!

Amy Sue

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