Chicago 2010 – Part Four

Chicago - Giordannos- Teacher and I took many trips to Chicago during our college years: field trips to art galleries for his art classes, road trips for Blackhawk games, fraternity formals, etc. We discovered Giordanno’s on one of our trips, and it’s been a favorite ever since. In fact, when we lived in St. Louis one of Teacher’s friends sent us a frozen Giordanno’s pizza, packed in dry ice, for our anniversary. No pizza has ever tasted better than that special one did.


Chicago - PizzaEveryone in our group loves the pizza; who wouldn’t? I was still full from lunch, but I managed to make it through two pieces. Nom nom nom nom – I hope there’s some leftover for tonight at the hotel!


Chicago - Teacher SmilesTeacher’s checking the time but stops to give me a smile.

Time to go! Look out Navy Pier, here we come!


Chicago - DockWe’re getting closer – can you see it in the distance?


Chicago - Navy PierYippee, we’re here!


Chicago - Ferris WheelOne of the main attractions at Navy Pier is the ginormous Ferris Wheel. It had poured while we were in Giordano’s so the Ferris Wheel was temporarily closed for a while. They were just getting it going when we arrived, but we had to wait twenty minutes for it to be ready to ride.


Chicago - ShopsTo pass the time we browsed the shops. Several of the kids in our squad are bound and determined to spend a good chunk of change on souvenirs.


Chicago - Waiting for the Ferris WheelThe twenty minutes passed quickly and soon we were all gathered near the base of the Ferris Wheel waiting for our turn.


Chicago - SkylineWhile we waited I snapped a couple of photos. The Chicago skyline is always one of my favorite subjects.


Chicago - Big BoatAcross from the Ferris Wheel is a boat that’s often used for proms or weddings. Teacher and I always enjoy watching prom groups and wedding parties walking around the Pier.


Chicago - Prom GirlsI wonder if these girls are planning to ride the Ferris Wheel too, or if they’re just waiting for prom.


Chicago - LilacsThe scent of lilacs fills the air where we’re sitting. The walkways are lined with “Miss Kim” lilac bushes – I know this because we have a “Miss Kim” in our front yard. This variety of lilac seems to be especially fragrant; which is one of the reasons I love it so much.


Chicago - Hot Air BalloonThe hot air balloon rides are new this year; I don’t remember them from last time we visited Navy Pier. It looks like fun!


Chicago - Ferris WheelFinally it’s our turn to ride! The Ferris Wheel is huge and has a fantastic view from the top.


Chicago - LighthouseOut in the lake you can see a lighthouse, and often we see huge barges waaaaay off in the distance. There weren’t any in sight this year though.


Chicago - Skyline with SunshineLooking back toward the city, the sun is peeking through the clouds to light up parts of the skyline; it’s so pretty. Every time I see the skyline I get a warm fuzzy feeling because I have so many happy memories of being with Teacher in Chicago.


Chicago - Looking DownWhee! Look how far up we are! Navy Pier is pretty deserted because of the rain, but if you look closely you can see a little red-shirted man in a blue rectangular sidewalk-sweeper. He’s sucking up all the puddles on the sidewalks.


Chicago - Time to Go AgainHere comes our group! It must be time to go back to the buses for a quick ride to the John Hancock Tower.


To be continued at the Hancock Tower…
Amy Sue

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