Chicago 2010 – Part Three

Chicago - Orange LineThe El is definitely a new experience for the kids; and many of the adults too. This year we were riding the Orange line around the Loop to the Art Institute. Even though we’ve ridden the El almost every year I’ve gone on the trip, I’m always worried that someone won’t make it on or off the train with the rest of our group.


Chicago - Crammed in the StationObviously El stations aren’t designed for large groups; we filled this one to overflowing. This year entry to the station went smoothly, except for the kids who weren’t paying attention to which way their cards went and couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t get through.

One of the past years was a huge disaster; we always pre-purchase the El tickets to save time at the station, but that particular year the fare went up in between purchase and our trip so everyone was short .50. Everyone was rummaging around in pockets and purse bottoms to find enough change to get our whole group in. With this trip you can count on a new adventure every year!


Chicago - Solitary El RiderThis poor woman chose the wrong time to ride the El line. Right now she’s probably texting someone, complaining about all the loud kids who intruded on her quiet afternoon. Sorry!


Chicago - On the ElThe El is so much more fun than our city bus – with all the sudden movements it’s almost like a roller coaster!

“Pretty cool, isn’t it, guys?” S (in the hat) is one of my trumpets and B (brown sweatshirt) plays bari sax – a very cool instrument – in Chuck’s band. Behind S is A; one of my trombonists.


Chicago - Art InstituteWe all made it off the El at the right stop and took a short walk to the Art Institute. Then we took a looooooong walk all the way around the Art Institute to reach the group entrance.


Chicago - Manhole CoverTeacher pointed out the manhole covers because they were manufactured in Neenah – just a bit south of our hometown. Of course I had to take a photo. Me = Dork.


Chicago - Double-Decker BusThe kids thought it would be fun to ride the double-decker bus; on the top of course. We don’t have anything like this back home.


Chicago - Blue SkiesLook – the clouds are breaking up maybe the rain will stop and it’ll be sunny the rest of the day!


Chicago - WaitingUmmm, maybe not. It’s starting up again as we’re waiting to go in the group entrance. Hurry; I melt in the rain! That’s because I’m like either the Wicked Witch or sugar but I won’t say which; you can draw your own conclusion.


Chicago - BowlOur squad moved pretty quickly through the exhibits but when I fell in love with the shape and color of this bowl I had to stop and take a photo.


Chicago - Jun Ware


Chicago - StaircaseThe staircase is gorgeous; obviously original because modern buildings aren’t anywhere near as beautiful.


Chicago - Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright is one of my all-time favorites!

Teacher and I both adore the Arts and Crafts style, and want to bring more Craftsman style back into our home. It was built in the 1920s, but sadly a previous owner remodeled it in the 1960s and replaced all the gorgeous ’20s features with “modern” ’60s ones. Ick.


Chicago - RenoirOur walk through the Impressionist painting gallery left me speechless. I’d seen many of the paintings in print or on TV, but never in person before – it was just amazing for me to see them up close.


Chicago - Leaving the Art InstituteAll too soon it was time to leave the Art Institute. Teacher and I were sorry to leave; we could have spent days and days exploring and enjoying every inch of the Institute. Maybe someday we’ll take a family trip there; I know the older kids will love it.

Believe it or not, it’s time for supper! We’re still stuffed from lunch, but we’ve got a schedule to keep…


To be Continued at Giordanno’s and Navy Pier…
Amy Sue


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