Chicago 2011 – Part Seven

Chicago 2011 - CompetitionWe rose bright and early Saturday morning to get ready for competition. Obviously it’s early but few of us are “bright” at this time of the morning.


Chicago 2011 - PrayerAfter breakfast runny eggs and soggy hash browns, with bacon good enough to make up for them Chuck led us in a brief devotion.


Chicago 2011 - ChaperonesAfter giving last-minute instructions to the students he touched base with the chaperones while we waited for the bus.


Chicago 2011 - UnpackingAfter arriving at the school we had the students unpack their instruments, like always. Most of the time the schools don’t have a place to wait for our turn in the warm-up room so we have to stay outside – not much fun when it’s threatening to rain!


Chicago 2011 - WaitingThis year we lucked out; the school’s cafeteria was near the entrance, the band room where everyone warmed up and the gym where everyone performed.


Chicago 2011 - Percussion Set-UpIt was much easier setting up all the percussion gear inside and moving it through hallways than setting it up outside and moving it across a parking lot like most years!


Chicago 2011 - PhotoAfter our performance we posed for our traditional photo.


Chicago 2011 - Silly PoseI like the silly one best.

Now the work is done it’s time to play – Great America, here we come!


To be continued… just one more part to go…
Amy Sue


  1. I am reminded of the old school, I became a member of the band and it was nice.

    • Pob,

      What did you play in band? College Boy and Irish Girl were percussionists, Princess played trombone, Angel Face plays sax, Jo-Bear is another percussionist, and the little boys want to be percussionists too.

      Thanks for commenting!
      ~Amy Sue

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