Five Girls and a Bunch of Clothes

What happens when five girls who have been best friends for the past eleven years get together to swap clothes?

Lots of laughs, silliness, and fun!

No, I wasn’t invited, but Princess borrowed my camera to take photos.


Clothes Swap - Big Pile of ClothesFirst: the clothes.


Clothes Swap - Same Clothes, Different AngleThat’s a lot of clothes!


Clothes Swap - Smaller Pile of ClothesWait, there’s more over here…


Clothes Swap - Pile of Shirtsand here…


This could take a while.


Clothes Swap - Kathy ModelingHalf of the fun is modeling for each other… right Kathy?




Clothes Swap - Martha Hides her FaceMartha isn’t so sure about the modeling thing. She’s the youngest of the five and is a bit more camera-shy than the older girls.


Clothes Swap - In Tennis Love Means Zero ShirtThis sassy tee is a perfect match for Angel Face’s personality.


Clothes Swap - Go Green ShirtPrincess nabbed this shirt…


Clothes Swap - This Blonde has All the Fun Shirtbut this one ended up in the rummage sale pile.


Clothes Swap - Pink Flower SandalsOooh, those shoes are adorable – what size are they?

I know, I know, I wasn’t invited. I don’t care – they’re probably too small anyway. So there.


Clothes Swap - Ugly SlippersUmmmm… no thanks, you can keep these.


Clothes Swap - Cowboy Style BeltThis humongous belt buckle is so NOT Princess, but she had to have it so she’d match with Cowboy.

Good thing she took it; Angel Face needed it to dress up as a cowgirl for Spirit Week.


It’s slightly scary when your clothes can double as a costume. Unless you’re Lady Gaga – that’s beyond scary.


Clothes Swap - I Kiss Better Than I DrivePrincess got this shirt after finally passing her driving test after undergoing a series of unfortunate, frustrating and heartbreaking events.

And that’s all I’ll say on the subject unless I’m bribed with lots of chocolate. Or margaritas – on the rocks. Adding guacamole will guarantee you’ll get all the details.


Clothes Swap - Jackson Hole ShirtAngel Face liked this one – a surprise to me since she’s never liked pink.


Clothes Swap - Kathy with MarthaKathy found something she likes, and Martha’s gotten over her shyness.

I’m always amazed by how much Kathy, Eileen, Martha, and all of their brothers and sisters look like each other. There’s no doubt they’re siblings.


Clothes Swap - Kathy Pointing Weirdly at EileenSee? Eileen’s face shape is almost the same as Martha’s. Kathy looks more like them when she’s not so hyped up on sugar and caffeine. Yikes!

Hey, that sweater used to be mine – no fair that my clothes were invited to the party but I wasn’t! Sometimes it’s no fun to be a grown-up. Oh well, it looks much better on Eileen than it ever did on me.


Clothes Swap - Angel Face's ButtSpeaking of yikes…

Angel Face gets this from her dad’s side of the family.


Clothes Swap - Reject PileAfter all was said and done there wasn’t much left for a rummage sale, but the girls were all ecstatic about their new clothes, and I guess that’s all that matters.


I need to get me some same-sized friends and do a clothes swap – it looked like fun!

Amy Sue


  1. Kathy and Eileen’s mom donated some stuff and she wasn’t invited either. I got a lot of her stuff

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