What’s in the Box – Redux

redux (rē-dŭksˈ)
adj. Brought back; returned. Used postpositively.


Gaggia Classic - Mailing BoxA box arrived at our house the other day.

A big box, addressed to me!

Teacher said it was a “Not Valentine’s Day Gift.”

Let’s open it!


Gaggia Classic - Open BoxOooh, it’s so SHINY! I love shiny things almost as much as I love sparkly things.

Wait, what’s that piece of paper on the side?


Gaggia Classic - CautionWell, this is a bit worrisome. Just what I want to see first thing when I open a box – NOT!


Gaggia Classic - MachineOooh, it’s a new espresso maker! And it’s shiny all over! I will love you and I will hug you and I will call you George.


When I was a kid, my brothers Jay & Ike and I watched Looney Tunes together all the time, and “George” became of our inside jokes. Before Angel Face was born her Uncle Ike lobbied for her to be named George, and after she was born – and NOT named George – he and Aunt Elle gave her a Bugs Bunny bib with “George” painted on top. To this day Ike and Jay call each other “George” all the time. I love my family!

But I digress…

Wait, what’s in that box?


Gaggia Classic - Lots of StuffWhoa, that’s a lot of stuff! I wonder what it’s all for?


Gaggia Classic - DirectionsBeing slightly CDO, OCD in alphabetical order – yes, it has to be that way, and a firstborn rule follower, I have an inherent need to read the manual and match up all the pieces and parts to the diagram before doing anything else.

Of course the parts that came with George didn’t fit the diagram in the manual.  

Gaggia Classic - Pieces and PartsTeacher searched online for other manuals and we figured out which part was what and eventually got George settled into his new home.


Gaggia Classic - Ready to RollIsn’t he handsome? I almost feel bad for replacing Via so quickly. Almost…

I can’t wait for George to make me a Vanilla Latte! 9:00 pm isn’t too late for coffee, right?

No, my coffee isn’t decaf. What good is decaf coffee?


Sleep is over-rated.

Sleep is for the weak.

Oh, all right, you win. I’ll wait until tomorrow.

See you tomorrow morning George!

Morning officially starts at 12:01 am…

Amy Sue

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