Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy birthday Princess – I can’t believe my baby girl is nineteen already. How did that happen?

Over the past year you’ve experienced so many changes; some happy and some sad. Many of them have been difficult, but you weathered them all with a maturity and grace beyond your years. You have more roles to fill than other kids your age, but you seem to enjoy each of them.


Happy Birthday Princess - Big SisterYou’re a wonderful big sister and role model for your siblings.

Remember taking this photo in 2006 for College Boy’s first year at college? You all look so young! I almost forgot your hair was that long.


Happy Birthday Princess - Best FriendsYou’ve always made friends easily, and once made there’s no more loyal or caring friend than you.

Here you are with your best friend Eileen on Halloween, 2004. That was the year she borrowed your poodle skirt and went as a sock-hopper.


Happy Birthday Princess - with PeanutYou’re a fantastic mama who obviously loves Peanut fiercely and deeply.

I’ve always loved this photo from Christmas tree hunting last year. Remember how she got so heavy and slid down our coats so we had to keep trading her back and forth? As always, she was happiest when you held her.


Happy Birthday Princess - CheerleaderYou’ve always been a good student, and I know you’ll do great your second year of college. Last year was rough, being a commuter student full time plus being a mom, but you came through with flying colors!

This is from 2004 – was that 6th or 7th grade? Look at how straight your arms are – practice pays off!


Happy Birthday Princess - with CowboyYou’re a loving and devoted wife to Cowboy.

This photo from 2007 is one of my favorite photos of you and Cowboy together. It’s obvious how happy you were to be together then – just as you are now, and just as I know you will be in the future. You two are perfect for each other.

You’ve always been an amazing daughter, who I am proud and happy to call my friend as well as my daughter.

I wish you joy, love, and happiness throughout the upcoming year. No matter what happens remember that we’ll always love you, and always be here for you. You’re an incredible person and we couldn’t be prouder to be your parents.

With much love,
Amy Sue
aka Mom

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