Capture the Flag

My friends and I played Capture the Flag all the time when I was a kid, and now my kids love it too. After Z-Man’s birthday celebration the cousins ganged up on their dads and conned them into playing Capture the Flag with them.


Capture the Flag - Grandma and I sensibly stayed on the porch to watch the action.


Capture the Flag - They tried to get Grandpa to join in, but he had his hands full with Benny. The silly pup loves to play with the kids, but doesn’t have the sense to stop and rest when he’s tired.


Capture the Flag - TeacherMy handsome guy – go get ’em, Honey!


Capture the Flag - TeamsIt’s Uncle Brian’s family vs Teacher’s family – that’s fair since Z-Man, Little Guy and their cousin J will just end up running around tagging everyone on both teams.


Capture the Flag - Jo-Bear with the FlagI dunno what Jo-Bear did to the girls, but they don’t look too happy. Come on, Jo-Bear; hide that thing already!


Capture the Flag - Hidden Tennis BallWhat a great hiding place! I won’t tell anyone where it is cuz that would be cheating.

But if I’m offered chocolate all bets are off; it’s not considered cheating if you were bribed with chocolate.


Capture the Flag - Uncle Brian StrategizesUncle Brian tells his team to split up and attack from opposite sides.


Capture the Flag - Jo-Bear Guards the FlagJo-Bear looks kinda bored defending his team’s flag. Don’t worry Jo-Bear, things will heat up soon.


Capture the Flag - Cousins Chasing Angel FaceTold ya so; here they come… Run, Angel Face, run!


Capture the Flag - Angel Face TextingOh no, they got her – now she’s in jail.

Does anyone else think she let herself be caught so she could read her text?


Capture the Flag - Game OverAfter a long game Uncle Brian’s team finally won – congrats, guys!


Who’s ready for a cold drink and some more cake?

Amy Sue

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