Little Gems Saves the Day

What a cranky morning! Angel Face and Jo-Bear were at each other while they were getting ready for school. “She stepped on my foot and pushed me into the refrigerator!” “He tripped me – On Purpose!!” “No I didn’t! “You did too!”

Argh, why can’t they just get along?

The little boys have discovered the dubious joy of wrestling each other. “Ow! Owie!” “Waaaaah!” “He bit me so I hit him back. Hah!”

Sigh, where did my sweet babies go?

After the big kids went to school and the little boys got settled with Sesame Street the babies got fussy; whining and waking themselves up whenever they were put down.

Why won’t tired babies give in to sleep?

On top of all this I was trying to tidy up before Grandma came over to sub because I had a dentist appointment.

I hate going to the dentist. I really REALLY hate going to the dentist. I hate going to the dentist so much I’d rather give birth to another baby without any meds if I could avoid going to the dentist.

Since the birth thing wasn’t an option I had to go to the dentist. Happily the verdict came back: no cavities, woo hoo! But two fillings need to be replaced, darnit. He thinks one can be done without numbing – little does he know! I’m too big a baby when it comes to my teeth. Unmedicated birth? Yes. Unmedicated dentistry? No way.

Cranky, cranky, cranky!

Then the mail came.
Hey, there’s a package…
Oooh, it’s for me…
From Little Gems! Woo hoo!
Imagine me doing a happy dance through the living room singing…
I know what it ih-his, I know what it ih-his!
It’s the amethyst pendant with silver “Family” charm that I ordered at Lily Pad Landing last week!

Karen packaged the pendant in a cute little lavender gift bag, tied with a ribbon:


Pendant Packaging

And of course the pendant itself is gorgeous – even prettier than the photo. I love Karen’s jewelry!



I won’t say that the pendant magically made everything better, but it sure helped.

Now all I need are matching earrings! I wonder if Teacher would have time…

Amy Sue

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