“Most Unusual Thing found in a Cloth Diaper” contest winner…

…Has got to be me! LOL! Some mamas find grape skins, corn skins, or other unidentifiable and gross stuff. Not this time, this has got to be a first…

I was putting elastic in a bunch of diapers yesterday and noticed that I’d forgotten to put the doubler snap on one inner. So I worked it onto the snap press and put the snap in, easy as pie. The elastic and stitch to close the opening were completed quickly without any hitches. Then I picked the diaper up from the sewing machine, and heard something thunk against the snaps. What was that?! I felt around and there was something big and hard inside the wing. I knew it had to be a part of the snap press, but how to get it out? The diaper was done, with perfect elastic and back seam., of course. I considered several options, but ended up ripping out a small section of the back elastic and back seam, working the die out, then restitching those areas. I worked slowly and carefully and was able to match stitches so you’d never notice – unless you knew to look. What a story to tell the mama who ordered this dipe!

Amy Sue

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