Printed Chocolates for Birthdays

I’d never heard of printed chocolates before so when I received an email from Tanya I wanted to know more about them. She suggested an article about birthday parties, which is perfect because Z-Man and iMatt are at the age where they still want to celebrate their birthdays but don’t want a “little kid” party.

Birthday parties for kids are something that get everyone excited (least of all the kids themselves). Parents work especially hard to ensure that kids have a great party and all their little friends enjoy themselves. Birthday parties also present a challenge; there is always the excitement of doing something new and creative. In this post we discuss an interesting new idea for birthdays – Printed Chocolates. These are chocolates which have text or images printed on them in edible ink.

Chocolates are something that all kids and most adults enjoy. With the innovative new idea of printed chocolates there are so many exciting things you can do at a child’s birthday with chocolate.

Printed Chocolates for Parties

Printed Chocolates for Birthday Invitations
If you are looking to create a birthday party invite which is unique you can make an invitation out of a box of chocolates. The date, time and other details can be printed on paper and put in a box. The chocolates can have a name printed on them or any other design. If you have a theme for the birthday then the chocolates and the box can have similar designs printed on them.

Printed Chocolates Invitations

If designed well these chocolate invitations look so adorable. And the best part is you can easily have them made for a tweens party or even for a teenager. You can use the chocolates to celebrate your child’s unique likes and interests. Do they have a favourite cartoon character? That can be printed on chocolates. Are they fond of sports? If they have a favourite book you can have the characters printed on the chocolates. The possibilities are endless!

Chocolates at the Party
Another way could be is you serve these printed chocolates at the party. Not only are they delicious they would almost be a part of the decor. Especially if you have a theme for the party, then these chocolates will pop all the more and the children are going to love these brightly coloured treats!

Printed Chocolates for Parties

The best part is that the age factor does not come into play with chocolate. Kids of all ages are normally fond of chocolate. However it would make sense to choose what you want to print on the chocolate according to the age of the children at the party.

Printed Chocolates as Birthday Party Favours
Another fun thing to do is also keep these printed chocolates as party favours for the guests. You could have the date of the party or a picture of the birthday boy or girl printed on the chocolates. A small thank you note on the chocolates would also be appropriate. You can go a step further and have a gift box for the chocolates that has your child’s name or picture on it. That way the party favour becomes a keepsake or memento of the birthday party.

Printed Chocolates for Parties

I wish I’d known about printed chocolates when we were planning the Anniversary Picnic – they would’ve been a special addition. Oh well, maybe for our 30th, which is coming up!

Amy Sue

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