The Blog Challenge

College Boy has known that I’ve wanted to post more in my blog, but always seem to find a reason not to. (The photos I want to include are still in the camera, or not edited, or not uploaded, etc.) Since he started a new blog about his time in England, I offered a challenge to him – Every time he posted in his blog I’d post in mine.

OK, it’s more of a challenge for me than it is for him, but I’m hoping it’ll keep him posting, if for no other reason than to “make” his Mom post. Besides, even though he’s only been at Harlaxton since yesterday morning, the whole family has enjoyed reading about his experiences and seeing the photos he posts.

I’ll have to think of a challenge for him… maybe we’ll send cookies for every 5 posts or something… whatever it takes to keep the lines of communication open!

Amy Sue

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  1. Okay it been like 13 years from now… you’re doing great… keep it up 🙂

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