Tips for Beautiful Winter Hair

The other day I got an email from, inviting me to participate in their Life Well Lived editorial program by answering this question:

How do you care for your hair in the colder, drier months?

That really made me think, and I realized that the only changes I make for winter are purely cosmetic: style and color.


Blonde HairGenerally in the spring and summer I go blonder…


Redhead HairThen brunette or red the brighter the better in the fall and winter.


Then I started thinking again… Wisconsin winters are notoriously cold, with freezing dry air outside and hot dry inside. Maybe I should take better care of my hair during the winter.

I did some research, and found these tips for beautiful winter hair. Most of them are pretty common-sense, but it can’t hurt to go over them again:

1. Use the right kind of products. Ask your stylist which products are right for your hair, and buy the highest quality products you can afford. If you can’t afford salon products, ask for “over the counter” recommendations that will work with your hair type and style.

2. Don’t go outside with wet hair. Obviously if there’s ice outside it’s cold enough to freeze water – including the water in your hair – so take the extra time to dry your hair before you go outside. Not only is it better for your hair, it’ll keep your head warmer too. And we all know that if our head is warmer, our whole body is warmer, right?

3. Protect your hair with a hat, scarf, or conditioner. I know, those three don’t seem to go together, but here’s the deal – I can’t wear hats. Or scarves. Some people look adorable in hats, can take them off, tousle their hair, and be Victoria’s-Secret-model gorgeous. Hats make me look bag lady frumpy, and after I take it off I’m more Don King than Victoria’s Secret. Not the look I usually go for. Those of us who can’t wear hats can protect our hair by using conditioner every day. If your hair seems really dry use a light-weight leave-in conditioner.

4. Use heat sparingly. Wash your hair in cooler water, switch to a cooler setting on your hair dryer, and save the curling iron or flatiron for special occasions. When you do need to use hot styling tools, apply a heat-activated conditioner first to help prevent damage.

5. Stop static by applying a light coat of hairspray after you’re done styling. If you don’t normally use hairspray, spray your hairbrush then run it through your hair – you’ll avoid both “helmet head” and static.

For more suggestions – including my favorite tip of all – check out BlogHer’s Life Well Lived Cold Weather Hair Care post, and add your own tips.

While you’re at BlogHer be sure to enter the $250 Sweepstakes. Someone’s going to win – maybe this time it’ll be you!

Amy Sue

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