Sometimes You’re Tired

Sleeping BabySometimes you’re tired.


Sleeping BabyFalling down tired.


Sleeping BabyDead to the world tired.


Sleeping BabySo tired you’ll fall asleep almost anywhere.


Sleeping BabyLike in Mom’s underwear drawer,


Sleeping BabyBig sister’s wedding,


Sleeping BabyOn the floor,


Sleeping BabyIn your dinner,


Sleeping BabyGrandma’s lap,


Sleeping BabyIn your carrier,


Sleeping BabyIn mom’s chair,


Sleeping BabyOn grandpa’s lap,


Sleeping BabyI don’t know what it is about sleeping children…


Sleeping BabyAnd kitties…


Sleeping BabyThat I can’t resist…


Sleeping BabyMaybe it’s cuz they look so sweet and innocent…


Sleeping BabyEven though I know they’re not.

Amy Sue


  1. Absolutely love the one with the remote firmly gripped in the sleeping hand……….and it had to be a male to effectively sleep that way too!

  2. Is the first one JoBear?

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