Happy Birthday Z-Man!

I don’t know what birthday parties in other families look like, but around here birthday parties are pretty basic. As long as there’s lots of food, a houseful of family members, cake, ice cream, and presents we’re all happy.

We recently celebrated Z-Man’s sixth birthday with a Sunday brunch that ended up lasting all day. Z-Man had very few requests: “little porkies,” marble cake with chocolate frosting, and vanilla ice cream. Teacher and I opted to go easy with the rest of the meal and added with scrambled eggs, bagels with cream cheese veggie, chocolate/chocolate chip, and plain, fresh fruit, and juice. My mom found a new recipe she wanted to try so she brought blueberry french toast – it was was out of this world good!


Peanut and Love Bug are so adorable together! I really hope they end up living near each other; I have a cousin just a couple of months younger than I am and we loved being together all the way through high school.


Games are big in my family so it’s not unusual to have a couple rounds of cards while we’re waiting for everyone to finish eating.


Once we’re all done eating it’s time for presents – yea!


College Boy and Irish Girl cuddled on the couch to watch Z-Man open his presents.

Look – I got a good photo of Mr. Elusive! But that’s only because he was contemplating this…


Don’t worry, no wives were harmed in the celebrating of this birthday. Irish Girl may look quiet but she can hold her own against College Boy.


It must have been “couples day” because Cowboy and Princess snuggled together too. It looks like Cowboy is playing on his iTouch but he’s actually kissing Princess on her head. She still has that “newlywed glow” – I hope it never fades.


Even Uncle Jay and Dee got into the act, posing together for me. Aren’t they a great couple?


Everyone’s ready Z-Man; ready… set… rip!


I made sure he’d save the best for last: my mom has been working on this quilt for him for over a year. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.


Love Bug thinks it’s pretty special too.


After presents it’s time for CAKE and ICE CREAM! I can never decide what’s the best part of birthdays; presents or cake. What do you think?


He’s gonna huff, and puff, and blooooow those candles out.


I took three tries but finally he got them all blown out. Personally I think he was trying to prolong the moment – that whole guys-love-fire thing.


Angel Face decorated the cake and scooped out the ice cream. She suffers from cameraphobia like College Boy, except hers is schizophrenic; sometimes she’ll dodge the camera but other times she’ll flash a stunning grin. I never know which persona is going to appear when I point the camera at her, which keeps things interesting to say the least. Trying to take her picture is almost as much fun as trying to take College Boy’s!


Irish Girl decided to let Love Bug “practice” eating birthday cake so she’d be all ready for her first birthday in a couple of weeks. I decided I should practice too, so I’d be ready for my birthday, but since I’m bigger I had to practice a lot more.


I think she’s got the hang of it! Me, I’m not so sure about. I may need to practice with Princess’s birthday cake. And Little Guy’s, and Teacher’s, and Jo-Bear’s, and…


Come to think of it, there’s still some cake left and I’m feeling a need for more practice. I’ll be back later… much, MUCH later.

Amy Sue

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