Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons“Nooo! I don’t want to have swimming lessons!”


Swimming Lessons“Please don’t make me, please, please please!”


Swimming LessonsZ-Man wasn’t thrilled with the idea of swimming lessons in May when I first signed him up.


Swimming Lessons“They’re not for a loooong time, honey. We’ll talk about it later.”


Swimming LessonsI know when to pick my battles.


Swimming LessonsSwimming lessons were only mentioned in passing a couple of times in June and the beginning of July.


Swimming LessonsGradually he got used to the idea.


Swimming LessonsIn fact, by the middle of July he was so excited about them he drove me crazy asking what day his lessons started. Over and over and over and over again.


Swimming LessonsFinally it was the first day of swimming lessons! Z-Man was in his swimming suit and downstairs before 7:00am.


Swimming LessonsHe was not a happy camper when I told him it wasn’t time to go for another two hours.


Swimming LessonsSince they were at 9:30am I couldn’t go to his first two lessons, but I had Wednesday off so I could watch him then.


Swimming LessonsI don’t know if he’s learning many skills, but he sure is having a great time.


Little Guy SwimsLittle Guy went along to play in the wading pool.


Little Guy SwimsHe’s not fond of getting his face wet.


Little Guy SwimsAt first he ran for a towel every time he got splashed.


Little Guy SwimsBut it didn’t take long for him to get over it.


Little Guy SwimsI think he’ll be ready for lessons next summer!

Amy Sue

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