How I Spent my Summer Vacation – More Day Four


Floor Redo Day Four - Dining RoomYes, we were crazy and decided to rip up the dining room too. Luckily it’s just a big rectangle, without the ins and outs of the kitchen, so it went fairly quickly.


Floor Redo Day Four - iMatt Carrying BoardsiMatt got into the action again, carrying boards outside. Z-Man couldn’t stand the smell of the flooring and particle board so he stayed outside and stacked up the debris iMatt handed to him.


Angel Face was disappointed that she’d been at work and hardly got to help in the kitchen, so she was super-excited to work in the dining room.


Floor Redo Day Four - TeacherTeacher started chipping away at the particle board. We’re pretty sure there’s original flooring underneath, but what shape will it be in?


Floor Redo Day Four - Starting on the Dining RoomSo far it’s looking pretty good. I hope we don’t have any nasty surprises before we’re done.


Floor Redo Day Four - Jo-Bear OopsOops! It looks like Jo-Bear got a little too aggressive with the crow bar.


That’s OK, Jo-Bear, we can fix it, just keep working. And by “we” I mean Teacher can fix it.


Floor Redo Day Four - PrincessMeanwhile, Princess and I cleaned the walls and cupboards where the appliances had been in the kitchen. Seventeen years of accumulation is pretty gross. We need to pull the appliances out and clean around them more often.


Floor Redo Day Four - Soon the guys had made enough progress that Princess and I could join Angel Face in pulling out nails.


Floor Redo Day Four - Angel Face OopsOops! Angel Face got a little carried away. Never underestimate the strength of a determined woman.


Floor Redo Day Four - Men at WorkLook at that floor – I think we’ve got a winner!


Floor Redo Day Four - Pretty FloorIt’s so pretty, and in really good shape too. Most of the damage is where the particle board was nailed down.


Floor Redo Day Four - Last CornerJust one more corner to go.


Floor Redo Day Four - Deconstruction DebrisNot counting the clean-up. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all cleared off.


Floor Redo Day Four - Teacher Finishing UpTeacher cleaned up around the vent.


Floor Redo Day Four - Jo-Bear Pulling NailsJo-Bear pulled up the nails the rest of us couldn’t get out.


Floor Redo Day Four - PunkinPunkin thinks we’ve lost our minds. She may be right.


Floor Redo Day Four - Angel Face Pulling NailsYou got it, Angel Face!


Floor Redo Day Four - Clean UpWhy is it that the clean-up takes longer than anything else?


Floor Redo Day Four - KippyOf course Kippy couldn’t resist checking it all out. Considering how much cats hate change they’re doing great with all the craziness of this week. On the other hand, it’s always crazy here so they’re probably used to it.


Floor Redo Day Four - Almost Done CleaningAlmost done. I’m just thrilled with the floor – every time I look at it I can’t help grinning like an idiot.


Floor Redo Day Four - Angel Face Still Pulling NailsI swear these nails multiply like rabbits. Just when we think we’ve got them all someone finds another one.


Floor Redo Day Four - Floor VentThere was another probable floor vent in the dining room, but that shouldn’t be hard to patch in.

Wait… An idea popped into my head as I was typing “patch in.” I wonder if we could get 1920s style floor vents and install them over subfloor painted black, just for decoration. I wonder if that would be easier or harder than patching in that area. I wonder what Teacher will think of the idea…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.


Floor Redo Day Four - Teacher is ExhaustedTeacher’s face says it all – we’re exhausted. Time to wrap it up and get something to eat.


Floor Redo Day Four - FloorBut it’s so beautiful we all agree that it’s worth all the hard work.

To be continued…
Amy Sue

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