The Hunt for Chocolate & Blue

I’ve been hunting for “the perfect” chocolate/blue fabric. I want to make a backpack style diaper bag to replace our old one, and I want to make a matching Mei Tai too. I have a vision in my head of chocolate brown solid – twill maybe – for the main sections with chocolate/baby blue print and baby blue solid accents. The hard part is finding the fabric! Here are some possibilities:




Last week I was leaning towards the waves (3rd) but today I really like the bubbles (2nd). I love stripes on MTs though, so I just can’t decide!! Maybe I’ll use both plus the solid – that could be fun… or a mess!

In sewing news:
– I finished a black turtleneck for myself! I’d planned to make it a breastfeeding top, then decided to make it “normal” and wear a breastfeeding tank under. I love it and have 2 more sweater knits yet, woo hoo! All I need is more sewing time… 😛
– I finished Ashley’s custom order and am halfway done with Christina’s doll clothes. They’re so fun to make! Holly’s fabric finally arrived and her diaper is cut out. Today I hope to finish the doll clothes and work on Holly’s as well as the dyed OV ones I have cut out for Little Guy. He NEEDS dipes!!
– My goal is to get these done so I can start fresh on Pamela’s 6 appliqued ones. They’ll take a while! Oh, and I have LPL stocking to work on, plus things to stock at HC and a couple of pages to write for my main site: It never ends, but I love it! 😉

Amy Sue

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  1. You know, if you can’t find the right fabric in a store, you can always buy one the right base color and get crazy with acrylic paints. Depending on your project, of course. They dry a little harder than normal fabric, but on something like a diaper bag where that won’t matter they can actually add a little stain resistance. You can even use stencils if you’re not brave enough to freehand!

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