Beth’s Appliques

The other day I posted a photo of a soccer appliqued pillowcase one of my readers had made using my How to Applique tutorial. At the end of the post I invited everyone else to submit applique photos for me to show off, and Beth took me up on the offer.


Rocket SetThis is Beth’s first applique ever – isn’t it fantastic?! I love the entire set, especially how she used both the stripes and dots in the pants it doesn’t hurt that I love brown and blue together; I’ll bet it was just adorable on her little guy.


Five ShirtsBeth made these outfits for a friend’s five children. I like how she personalized each shirt – I’m assuming each reflects the child’s personality somehow.

I think it’s a great idea and wish I’d thought of it when our kids were younger, but I doubt I could get College Boy to wear an appliqued shirt at age 23 – especially one that matches with his siblings. Oh well, there’s always the grandchildren!


Tractor DressThe dress Beth made for her niece is so “Wisconsin” that I had to ask Beth if she lived in my home state too. She doesn’t, but her father-in-law restores old John Deere tractors – hence the John Deere fabric and tractor applique.

Thanks so much for sharing your appliques, Beth! You’re not only a creative applique-er, but an outstanding seamstress too.


Anyone else care to share their applique photos, now that Beth has broken the ice? We’d love to see them so don’t be shy!


Amy Sue


  1. Amy, Thank you so much for posting some of my appliques! I just love your tutorial and it’s started an obsession with me!!

    • Beth,

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for sending them to me so I could post them – they’re fantastic!

      Feel free to send me any others you want to share – I love seeing other people’s work. 🙂

      ~Amy Sue

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