The Mad Cupcake Maker Strikes Again

Jay and DeeI love my future sister-in-law, Dee.

She’s kind and patient and cheerful and lots of fun to be around.

She wants to marry my brother, which is really cool because he’s a great guy.


Mutant Duck CupcakesShe also has this adorable obsession with cupcakes. Remember these cuties?

I don’t know if she was born with this infatuation or if she developed it after too many years hanging out with my family but I think it’s really sweet no pun intended and am amazed by the time and effort she puts into her cupcakes.


Snowman and Polar Bear CupcakesThese are her most recent creations – aren’t they adorable?

Did you notice she used sugar to make the snowmen sparkly? You know how I love sparkles!


Smiling Snowman CupcakeDid you also notice that she put different faces on all of the snowmen? In addition to the traditional smiling snowmen she made…


Surprised Snowman Cupcakesurprised snowmen…


Scared Snowman Cupcakeummmm… unique snowmen…

Pssst, I don’t know what face he’s supposed to be making – what do you think?


Sad Snowman Cupcakeand poor, sad snowmen.

In a completely altruistic move I ate one of them to put him out of his misery. Then his brother looked even sadder, so I ate him too.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. I truly believe this was one of those times.


Polar Bear CupcakeShe also made some absolutely adorable polar bears; they were so cuddly I couldn’t bear – again, no pun intended – to eat one.

Did you see the little pads on their paws? Have you ever seen anything cuter?


What I really wanted to do was keep one to love and pet and call George.

But Angel Face claimed it first.

I couldn’t watch her eat it so I turned away and ate another sad snowman.

Unselfish to a fault.


I wonder what kind of cupcakes Dee will bring to our next family party! Whatever they look like, I hope they taste like chocolate.
Amy Sue


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  2. My daughter is in love with everything that sparkles. Love the sparkly snowman cupcakes, will try that icing thing on the cupcake to make it looks sparkling!!

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