Tips for Great Smartphone Photos

Today guest author Shannon from Aura Frames shares some tips for taking fantastic photos with your smartphone. I know how to decent smartphone photos, but thanks to Shannon’s tips my photos are going to be better from now on!

Smartphone Photo TipsIn the age of Instagram, everyone thinks they’re the world’s greatest photographer. But I’d guess a fairly small percentage of us are actually using a quality camera for our pictures. When everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or purse, it’s hard to justify the need for a professional camera. But if your smartphone is going to be your only source for photos, you might as well be utilizing it as best you can! Settling for a smartphone camera doesn’t mean you have to settle for low-quality photos.

Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you make your shots stand out!

The Zoom Is Doom
To use your smartphone’s digital zoom feature is to automatically lower the quality of your shot. Unlike real cameras, when you zoom in on your phone, the lens does not adjust, so you’re only decreasing the amount of pixels available to capture your subject. Rule of thumb: if you want to get closer to something, use your legs, not the zoom!

Beware The Flash
Natural lighting is always going to be the best option. Many smartphones don’t have the best capability for low-light photography, but even a dark photo that you’ve digitally brightened after the fact is better than using your flash to light up your subject. Although, according to Digit, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is getting pretty good at taking pictures in low light without the flash.

But unless you want a picture that looks like a scene from an episode of Ghost Hunters, use natural light.

Experiment With Spacing
Negative space is your friend! It can be easy to think your subject should be the biggest thing in the frame, but don’t be afraid to let some background in! Try to take your time with composition, and experiment with the grid feature. Not every subject needs to be front and center.

Be Your Own Worst Critic
If you’re someone who spends a lot of time taking photos, you should be spending an equal amount of time going through and deleting the ones you’re never going to use. Whether you’re posting your pictures on Instagram, or displaying them on a new-age smart frame with built-in best photo selectors like this one, only your best shots will ever see the light of day.

There’s no reason to keep 5 pictures of the same flower; after all, how often do we really go back and look through our old pictures? All you’re doing is taking up precious space on your phone… space that you could be filling with new pictures! 🙂

What are some of your favorite smartphone photography tips?

Amy Sue

Photo credit: Picture Commoditization by PhotonShepherd.


  1. Really great tips! I’m sure I can use these too to educate my readers on how to become a better vlogger. Even though I mostly promote DSLRs now, I don’t see why smartphones should be left out in this day and age.

    Thanks for putting this up! And hey, if you want to connect, feel free to check out my blog and hit me up. I mostly teach people how to be a better vlogger.
    Sudarshan Kar recently posted…What cameras do YouTubers use? [2017]My Profile

  2. The zoom is doom alright! I can’t remember how many people I’ve argued with regarding zoom reducing quality. While I always advise people to use the zoom feature conservatively, some of them just don’t see the different.

    I’ve given up to be honest.

    Now, I’m running a blog on teaching folks how to become better vloggers. Even though I most recommend DSLRs, this post was a wake up call reminding me to not forget smartphones.

    Hey, come pay my blog a visit, won’t you?
    Sudarshan Kar recently posted…What cameras do YouTubers use? [2017]My Profile

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