Father’s Day Craft – Grilling Spatulas


Spoiler alert! If you’re the Dad of a child in my childcare program you may want to… Aw, who am I kidding? We all know it’s past Father’s Day, so never mind. Read on to see this year’s Father’s Day craft!   Almost every year I post about how I…

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15 Uses for Your Child’s Art


Most parents proudly save their children’s first scribbles, posting them on the refrigerator or framing them to hang on the wall. But it doesn’t take long for parents to realize that keeping every piece of art their child lovingly creates would quickly turn their home into a messy art gallery.…

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Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint


One of my goals for the child care this summer was to get over some of my CDO Most people call it “OCD” but I can’t because that’s not in alphabetical order and let the children get messy. Another goal was to do more art activities outside. Sidewalk chalk paint…

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DIY Outdoor Canopy


It all started with an innocent Pinterest pin – a “Suntracking Shelter” that you could move along metal arches as the sun moved across the sky. I thought it would be great for the sandbox because it’s in full sun all afternoon, and normal “flat” canopies don’t help because of…

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Mother’s Day Craft – Candles


Spoiler alert! If you’re the mother of a child enrolled in my child care program you may want to skip this post for now and come back after you open your Mother’s Day gift. Just a thought… Everyone else feel free to keep reading for a fantastic Mother’s Day craft…

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