Nicole Did it Again


Have you ever had a friend who finds the coolest stuff and shares it with you and you try it and end up addicted to it? You do? Me too! Her name is Nicole and she finds the coolest stuff, shares it with me, then I try it and end…

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Seashell Pasta Salad Recipe


This recipe was taken from a website Teacher and I started several years ago. When we started it we had high hopes of posting all of our favorite family recipes there, but since we never had time to do so we let the website expire and I’ve been posting recipes…

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Valentine Treats and Healthier Eats


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Valentine’s Day”? Was it chocolate? Roses? Both?   When I think of Valentine’s Day I picture heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, red roses, and white-draped tables in a dimly lit restaurant. The funny thing is that I don’t want any…

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