Homemade Bird Feeder

At this time of year one of my favorite activities to do with the children is making homemade bird feeders. They’re a little messy but super easy, cheap, and the kids love to make them! All you need for this homemade bird feeder is empty toilet paper tubes, peanut butter,…

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Goodbye My Murphy


Murphy died two days after Kippy. Unlike Kippy, who we knew was sick, Murphy’s death was unexpected. Sure, we knew that at 17 years old his days were numbered, but we didn’t expect him to go anytime soon. Also unlike Kippy, who hovered “on the brink” for a couple of…

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Goodbye Sweet Kippy


I’ve been putting off writing this post because it’s easier to write about happy things like grandchildren or things that aren’t emotional like Beauty Boxes, but it needs to be written. Our sweet kitty Kipling died about a month ago. At first we didn’t know Kippy was sick. I’d seen…

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Oh No – I Killed the Kitten!

When we got Kippy Angel Face was four – at that age where she was almost ready to give up naps but not quite. I was at that age where I was definitely NOT ready for her to give them up! Thinking I could bribe her into napping with the…

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