An Idiot – with Great Earrings


As I’ve admitted before, I don’t always read Etsy listings carefully. To be honest, I often see a photo, fall in love, and make the purchase with barely a glance at the listing.   And I did it again.   It actually all started at Pinterest. I was aimlessly wandering…

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Homemade Pizza Fun


One of the best things about family child care is the flexibility… What do you do when you’ve got homemade pizza half done, then your husband the sweetest, most wonderful man in the world surprises you with pizza from Papa Murphy’s? You put your homemade pizza fixin’s in the refrigerator…

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Ways to Save Money on Everyday Items

Please welcome today’s guest author, Sara Masterson! Sara is a tech-fanatic and a freelance writer for Sara likes spending time on Pinterest and learning about new technologies and ways to save money. She also enjoys reading a good book or watching an interesting documentary. Today Sara is going to…

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Taking Storage Options to New Heights

Please welcome another guest author to My Happy Crazy Life: Kenneth McCall! Kenneth builds creative and innovative tools for customers seeking self storage units. Kenneth is managing partner at which provides storage units in Boston and in other locations across the country. In his spare time he likes to…

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7 Tips for Raising Neat & Tidy Children

Guest article by Cherie Rodriguez. A crafty mom, Cherie shares her tips with other DIY moms. She loves jogging along the beach and playing catch with Dusty the family dog and hanging out with her 2-year-old, Greta and 6-year-old, Travis. In an informal survey conducted by Good Housekeeping, most parents…

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