Drunken Sweet Potato Recipe


My family has a tradition who brings what for Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Ike and Aunt Elle’s. We always bring, in Uncle Ike’s words, “The weird stuff that only your family eats.” Like Aunt Betty’s Stuffing, squash, Drunken Cranberries, and Drunken Sweet Potatoes. We also bring pumpkin and cherry pie,…

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Grandma’s Great Apple Dessert


When I was a kid my grandma and grandpa had a huge Cortland apple tree in their back yard. To me nothing tasted better than those apples, except maybe Grandma’s Great Apple Dessert. Like Big Meat Bake Dish, this recipe probably has an official name, but we’ve always called it…

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Big Meat Bake Dish


You know those family recipes that you aren’t sure where they came from or what their real name is? This is one of those kinds of recipes. I grew up on Big Meat Bake Dish. It was such a staple in my family when I was growing up that I…

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