Sickness Survival Kit


One of the things I love most about Facebook is the great ideas I get there. I love Pinterest for the same reason, but this idea came from a Facebook friend. A family child care provider friend posted a photo of the “Sickness Season Survival Kits” she’d made for her…

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Apple Habanero Margarita by Rick Bayless


College Boy and Irish Girl are great at thinking of creative birthday presents that the recipient will really love, and this year they hit it out of the ballpark with Teacher’s birthday present.   At first we were a little puzzled when Teacher reached into the bag and pulled out…

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Teaching Children to Care


Spend any amount of time on Facebook and you’re likely to come across someone complaining about kids who want more and more but give less and less. And it’s not limited to kids; many adults grow with a case of the “gimmies” – always looking to get something for nothing,…

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