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Walmart Beauty Box – Winter 2018

I feel kind of silly getting so excited about a box of samples, but some days you just need a little pick-me-up, and my Walmart Beauty Box arrived on one of those days. This may sound silly too, but these boxes are fabulous on their own! Not only are they…

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Target Beauty Box – March 2018

A while ago Princess and I decided to stop getting the Target Beauty Boxes because we weren’t thrilled with the products and had collected SO many samples we really didn’t need more. But a couple of weeks ago she messaged me a photo of the March beauty box and said…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2017


Seeing as how my Winter Beauty Box is going to arrive any day now I figured I should probably post about the Summer 2017 one first. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future…” Right? This time there were more things I loved than things I wasn’t thrilled with.…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Fall 2017


It’s here! My Winter 2018 Beauty Box arrived, and it is FABULOUS! But, before I show you all of those goodies I figured I should post about the Fall 2017 Beauty Box first. Fair is fair, right? The colors and design of this box really appeal to me, which is…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2017


Woo hoo – my Spring 2017 Walmart Beauty Box is here! And it’s hot pink, which is almost as good as purple.   The packaging is really pretty, I can’t wait to see what’s inside…   Look at all the goodies… I can’t wait to try them all! And since…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Winter 2016


So here’s something funny… I apparently forgot to schedule a date for this post to be published when I finished writing it, so it’s been sitting in my Dashboard for over a month. Whoops! After a couple of emotional posts it’s time for something more fun – my Walmart Winter…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Fall 2016


Two things I like about the Walmart Beauty Box are: 1. They’re always only $5 and they only come out four times a year, so it’s economical, and 2. It’s a subscription so I never know exactly when it’s coming. Surprise packages are the BEST!   I thought this box…

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Target Beauty Box – September 2016


I almost didn’t get the Target Beauty Box for September, but Princess accidentally made me get it. And I’m really glad she did! I was planning to skip September because I have SO MANY samples to use up, but Princess asked if I’d order the Boxes this month. Since I…

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Target Beauty Box – August 2016


Here we go again!   “Must-haves. Can’t-do-withouts. Obsessions.” you say? I can’t wait!   It’s looking promising so far. I love it when there are full-size samples and samples of both shampoo and conditioner. Happy happy so far!   Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner. “A nursing blend of organic…

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Target Beauty Boxes – July 2016


OK, OK, I know it’s past July. (Where did summer go???) I wanted to share the goodies from the July Beauty Boxes anyway, and you can still get all the products at Target or sign up for your own Beauty Box. Yes, you read that right, Target Beauty Boxes, as…

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