Chicago 2010 – Part Five

Chicago - John Hancock TowerSeeing the low clouds enveloping the top of the John Hancock Tower I wondered if we’d still go up or not. It’s not much fun to be on the 94th floor if you can’t see anything.


Chicago - WaitingAgain with the waiting – no matter how well a trip is planned, there’s always quite a bit of waiting when you’re in a big group. No-one really seems to mind though.


Chicago - M WaitsIt’s been a loooong day for all of us, and M looks the way we all feel: very tired.


Chicago - Painting I thought this representation of Chicago yes, the skyline again was really cool. To me it looks like the whole city is dancing.


Chicago - Waiting Visibility is at 0%, but we’re going up anyway ; we’ve already purchased the tickets and there’s no refunds so we might as well. After a long escalator ride down we form a long line and snake our way across the floor to the elevators.


Chicago - Lego TowerAlong the way is a Lego sculpture of the Hancock Tower. I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours it took to build it!


Chicago - 'Walk' Sculpture“We have to take our shoes off?!” one of the kids exclaimed as they spied this sculpture. It’s a huge globe with colorful oceans and black gooey-looking continents covered with shoe prints and surrounded with two rows of worn shoes. The concept is that we all need to walk more and drive less to benefit the Earth. I totally agree!


Chicago - Blue HazeTeacher and I are among the last ones in line so most of the group is already in the observatory when we get there.

Pardon the poor focus – I normally wouldn’t post such a fuzzy photo but I love how the kids are silhouetted against the blue fog. There really is ZERO visibility!


Chicago - Blue Haze AgainHere’s the view the kids are looking at. It’s kind of pretty, but not what we’d expected to see.


Chicago - Lights Through the FogAs the sun sets the light outside changes. Looking down you can see the light streaming up through the fog.

I think I changed my camera settings too, but don’t remember exactly.


Chicago - Buildings Through FogAnother cool picture of the lights and buildings through the fog.


Chicago - Buildings Through Fog AgainI think the buildings shrouded in the fog are gorgeously magical and ethereal.


Chicago - More Fog PhotosThe outdoor observation deck is new since last time we were at the Tower. It’s a gorgeous night to be outside; the cool, moist breeze blows my hair as I listen to the faint hum of the city way far below.


Chicago - The Fog LiftsThe fog cleared out on one side of the Tower so we could finally see something! If you look closely on the right of the photo you’ll see some fog still hanging around. What a gorgeous view – just before we have to leave.


Chicago -Waiting for the BusOnce more we’re waiting for the bus, and what a welcome sight they are! We’re all tired and footsore, and ready for a good night’s sleep… after the pool closes.


To be continued at the Hotel…
Are you feeling like this trip will never end? So are we!

Amy Sue

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