Children Are…

Amazing: acknowledge them.

Believable: trust them.

Childlike: allow them.

Divine: honor them.

Energetic: nourish them.

Fallible: embrace them.

Gifts: treasure them.

Here Now: be with them.

Innocent: delight with them.

Joyful: appreciate them.

Kindhearted: learn from them.

Lovable: cherish them.

Magical: fly with them.

Noble: esteem them.

Open-Minded: respect them.

Precious: value them.

Questioners: encourage them.

Resourceful: support them.

Spontaneous: enjoy them.

Talented: believe in them.

Unique: affirm them.

Vulnerable: protect them.

Whole: recognize them.

“X”traspecial: celebrate them.

Yearning: notice them.

Zany: laugh with them.

Children Are Amazing

Source: Puddledancer Press

Amy Sue

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