Hail and Nails

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in Lovely Nails getting French tips for the first time in my life and watching the Weather Channel. Only because it was on, I’m not addicted to it like our friend Bill is. I swear it! A nasty storm was supposed to hit within half an hour so as soon as my nails were dry I rushed out, racing the storm home. Well, not really racing because I only went “a little bit” over the speed limit. I smudged two of my nails putting on the seatbelt – darnit – but made it in plenty of time. No tickets yet, bwa-ha-ha!

Teacher and College Boy were cleaning out the gutters so I warned them about the approaching storm. Being guys they weren’t afraid of any storm and were determined to finish with the gutters so they kept working. I scrambled around the back yard gathering up toys to stash safely in the shed. Where were the kids and why weren’t they helping? Not a clue. I think they know when there’s work to do and go into hiding.


It's Raining, it's Pouring

I finished just in time – one minute there was nothing, the next minute the sky opened up and it started pouring. I mean POURING!


Hail and Ladders

The thunder, lightening and rain convinced Teacher and College Boy that it was time to come inside. About 5 seconds later the hail hit.


Hail on Brunnera

Oh my poor Brunnera!


Hail in Flower Pots

Oh my poor Petunias!


Gutters Worked

Bring it on Mother Nature – our gutters are clean and work great! Umm… but hold the tornadoes until the basement is done, ‘K?

Amy Sue

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  1. These photos bring back so many memories… I used to live in the midwest, Olathe KS to be specific. Every year we would go through this. I’m sure the insurance agents out there are used to it. Great photos, by the way!

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