One more day!

I’m so excited, only one more day of work before vacation! It’s been a couple of years since Teacher and I had vacation at the same time. It’ll be a whirlwind week, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Right after work tomorrow we’re hopping into the car and heading to Michigan. We’ll visit Teacher’s parents until Monday when we’ll come home. Then Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll spend in Northern Wisconsin, in my aunt and uncle’s log home which is on a small lake.

Thursday morning College Boy leaves for college and we plan to be home to see him off. After that I’m not sure what we’ll be doing. I hope to spend some time at the pool, if the weather is nice, and maybe hit the local zoo or amusement park. I do know we won’t be working around the house – vacation means time off and I am SO ready for it!

Amy Sue

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  1. Karen Niederloh Hazewinkel

    Hey Amy….wave hello as you pass by LaPorte on your way to Michigan!!! Have a great vacation!!

    Jess and I were at Great America last weekend as a mini vacation for myself and I can SOOOO relate to the time off!!


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