10 Things I’ve Learned from Elle

ElleElle has been in my life almost as long as Teacher has, since she and my “baby” brother Ike started dating shortly after Teacher and I were married. Over the years we’ve become more than friends; she’s the sister I never had.

Ike and Elle moved their family to Wisconsin shortly before Teacher and I moved ours here, and when we were looking at houses we considered it a major advantage that the one we bought was just a block and a half away from their house.

Time out for a story: Angel Face was 4 year old when we moved in, and one day she said to me “I know how to get to Auntie Elle’s house.” I was skeptical, “Oh yeah? Tell me how.” “Well, you walk that way, and when you get to the corner you look across to see if there’s a Pooh flag. If there’s no Pooh flag you keep walking. If there is a Pooh flag it’s Auntie Elle’s house!” I was amazed, and terrified she’d try it on her own some day. “That’s right, good for you! But please don’t ever walk there by yourself, OK?”

Living near each other meant that we spent lots of time together, especially the years when our husbands both worked nights. We’ve been through a lot together – both good and not so good – and I’ve learned some important things from her:

  1. Naming a hand stamped card business “Two Blondes at Midnight” probably isn’t a good idea, even if we were both blonde at the time and did most of our stamping late at night.
  2. Ice cream counts as a meal. Any who disagree should take it up with Elle. Be careful; she’s small but scrappy.
  3. Hot chocolate can make everything better; bigger troubles just need a bigger mug.
  4. Springing for the matching wallet is always worth it. Especially if said wallet has lots of nooks and crannies to organize all your stuff and is downright adorable to boot.
  5. Everything looks better with a little sparkle and/or glitter. You can’t have enough sparkle.
  6. High heel boots are perfect anywhere, with anything. Even on the sidelines at soccer tournament in 30° weather.
  7. You can’t have too many cheap romance novels. Said novels must be alphabetized by author’s last name, then title.
  8. You can handle whatever life throws at you with grace and dignity, no matter what it is.
  9. Family is always there for each other, no matter what. No questions, no judgments, no score-keeping, no reciprocation expected – when family needs you, you’re there.
  10. Having a sister-in-law is better than having a real sister; I never had to share my room, my clothes, or my make up, and she got stuck with my brother.

Elle & IkeI don’t think he minds.

Love you, Elle!

Amy Sue


  1. We have a major problem. Cowboy doesn’t think ice cream counts for dinner.

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