Make Basket Liners – DIY


As part of my Reggio-inspired environment transformation I wanted to add baskets to the diaper cubbies so they’d look nicer. The problem was that I couldn’t find baskets the right size, and any that were close to the right size were too expensive. Pinterest to the rescue! I saw twine-wrapped…

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Wool Dryer Balls – Natural Baby Toys


As I was looking at photos of Reggio inspired environments I noticed wool balls in baskets on the floor for infants. Eureka – what a great idea!   Having used wool diaper covers on Z-Man and Little Guy I knew that wool is amazing – it’s naturally antibacterial, anti-allergy, flame…

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Reggio Emilia Environment – Transformation in Progress


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m addicted to Pinterest and have collected more ideas than I know what do to with. My most recent Pinterest obsession started with photos of calm, beautiful, nature-filled environments with the label “Reggio” or “Reggio Emilia.” Reggio Emilia is a philosophy of education…

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Makeup Brush Roll – DIY


My poor Mary Kay makeup brush roll – you’ve obviously seen better days. To be blunt, you’re looking downright shabby. But I love you so much, how can I just get rid of you? You’re the perfect size and shape for my makeup brushes… I’ll never find another makeup brush…

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5 Ways to Save Money Online

Please welcome back guest author Jenna, who is going to give us tips on how to save money when we shop online. As always, time saved and great tips and tricks are the only benefits I receive from guest articles.   Every year customers worldwide spend billions of dollars shopping…

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Mini Corndog Muffin Recipe


If I were one of those super-organized food bloggers I’d be whipping up recipes way before a holiday or event so I could post the recipes BEFORE the event, instead of after the fact like I usually do. Some day I’ll be super-organized like that, but for today I’m just…

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