Baby Wearing 101

Several years ago I wrote a couple of posts about baby wearing. Both Teacher and I wore each of our babies, and several of our grand-babies too. Although my posts fulfilled their purpose – to support baby wearing – they weren’t very helpful for new parents who wanted to learn…

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Easy Microwave Baked Apples


When I was a kid my grandparents had a giant Cortland apple tree in their back yard. Nothing tasted as good as the apples from that tree, and Cortlands are still my favorite apple. In the fall when Cortlands are ripe I love to make Baked Apples, but I never…

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Desperately Seeking Millwork

Teacher and I love the 1920s floor we uncovered and by “we” I mean “he and Jonah”, but aren’t sure what kind of wood it is. I think it’s maple, but I have no reason to think that except it sounds like a nice kind of wood to me. One…

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Bennett Kit Home – Flanders


Several years ago when the house needed to be repainted Teacher and I decided it was time to change the grey/burgundy/cream color scheme. The house was built in 1922 and we both love 1920s Craftsman style so Teacher suggested I search online to see what colors 1920s bungalows were painted.…

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Energy Conservation in the Home


As our children and grandchildren get older I think more and more about what kind of world will be left for them when my generation is gone. This infographic by guest author Philip LaRosa provides some tips for conserving energy in the home, which is good for the budget and…

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Walmart Beauty Box – Fall 2016


Two things I like about the Walmart Beauty Box are: 1. They’re always only $5 and they only come out four times a year, so it’s economical, and 2. It’s a subscription so I never know exactly when it’s coming. Surprise packages are the BEST!   I thought this box…

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Day Five


My biggest fear about tearing up all the flooring was that the kitchen and dining room wouldn’t be put back together again until the last minute and I’d spend Sunday night running around like crazy to get things ready for the children to arrive Monday morning. But Thursday morning I…

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8 Mom-Approved Tech Tips for Families

Happy young family using a laptop computer together to browse the internet or social media as they relax together on a sofa at home, parents and a pretty little girl

It’s tough to communicate with tech-zombie children who are constantly plastered to a screen. In fact, one study reports that children are so engrossed in technology that, 50% of the time, they completely ignore their parents when they come home from work, according to Psychology Today. The good news? Technology…

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