The Fairy Tale Continues

Once upon a time a modern fairy tale began when a handsome and more-than-slightly smart-alecky College Boy married a beautiful and very smart Irish Girl. They were very happy together, but something was missing.

“We need an apartment.” Irish Girl told College Boy. Wisely, College Boy agreed, so the happy couple searched high and low until they found a cozy little apartment that was perfect for them. But something was still missing.

“We need things for our apartment – lots of things.” College Boy told Irish Girl. Looking at the empty rooms, Irish Girl agreed. Little by little they filled the cozy apartment with many wonderful things. But something was still missing.

“We need a kitten,” College Boy told Irish Girl, “And I know the perfect one!” College Boy took Irish Girl to meet the tiny kitten, and when he was old enough Loki moved into the cozy apartment. But still, something was missing.

Irish Girl because she was very smart knew what was missing. “We need a baby!” she told College Boy. College Boy was surprised, but he couldn’t disagree. Before long a sweet little Love Bug joined the happy family in their cozy apartment.

Love Bug's FamilyMeet Love Bug

Little by little Love Bug grew and grew, and before long she learned how to sleep at night and play during the day although she doesn’t always choose to do so. She used her baby smiles, coos and giggles to wind her parents around her little finger. When she’s a little bit older she’ll lead her parents on a Quest to visit the King and Queen aka Teacher and me, and will most certainly rule the castle during her visit.

Love Bug's FamilyMeet Love Bug

We can’t wait!

Amy Sue

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  1. Ooooooo…..I LOVE that last pic with her little mouth just pursed up in surprise!

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