The Story of Cosmetics

Teacher introduced me to Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff just a couple of months ago. Since she’s been doing her thing for quite a while and I just heard of her I guess I’m a “Johnny Amy Come Lately.”

I don’t really care if I’m not first on the bandwagon; I always figure “better late than never” one of my main mottos so I’m just happy to have discovered Annie.

The latest film in her The Story of… series is The Story of Cosmetics. Like her other films, I found The Story of Cosmetics fascinating and frightening at the same time.



I hope The Story of Cosmetics makes you think as much as it made me think! The phrase that caught my attention is when she asks if we’d fly an airline that only inspected 20% of its planes. Yikes! Hopefully you’ll also be convinced to help support the Safe Cosmetics Act 2010.

Amy Sue

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