True Confessions Time – What’s in Your Purse/Wallet?

OK quick, grab your purse (wallet for you guys) and tell us what’s in it. NO CHEATING! You can’t put anything in or take anything out. I DARE YOU!

Here’s my list:

  • Wallet with 3 checkbooks – family, diaper, childcare – debit card, tons of membership and buy 12 get 1 free cards, all 6 kids’ immunization records, insurance and dental cards, CPR and First Aid certification cards, business cards, various coupons – good and expired.
  • Change purse with a little cash, change and a bunch of stickers from the past continuing education meetings I’ve attended.
  • A zippered pouch with lip primer, four lipsticks, two lip balms and two glosses.
  • My cell phone. The new one Teacher got me for my birthday!
  • Two pair of sunglasses; one pink one silver with rhinestones.
  • My personal organizer, a twin to Teacher’s.
  • Three packs of my new favorite gum: Orbit. One in Maui Melon and two in Mojito – yum! Plus another partial pack of my previous fave: Icebreakers.
  • My iPod. Purple of course.
  • A pen, until one of the little boys steals it.
  • Two hand lotion samples I got as freebies with WAHM purchases. WAHMs are the best!
  • A handful of cough drops that are getting soft with age – gross!
  • My set of keys: house, van, other van door and backthe dead one, parents’ house key, church outside key, church/school inside key, high school music wing key, Directors get keys to such places! five grocery store membership cards, little light, briefcase key, and four unknown keys I’m hanging on to just in case I need them.

That’s it for me… What’s in YOUR purse/wallet?

Amy Sue


  1. Okay. This is fun.

    4 different lip glosses
    2 gasoline receipts
    cell phone
    dental floss
    a handful of legos
    A die-cast car
    Swiss Army knife
    pack of gum
    bookmark from the library
    post-it note with some mom’s phone number on it
    Gift card to the Baby Gap (forgot about it).
    my running watch
    beaded anklet

  2. Cool Janine, Thanks for sharing! I can’t believe no-one else wanted to play. Party poopers! 😉

    ~Amy Sue

  3. Yeah, what the heck? I think it was fun. 😉

  4. I’ll play.

    1 cough drop
    feminine napkins
    container of dramamine
    2 pullups
    a pop bead person
    hand sanitizer
    lotion sample
    2 granola bars
    2 kinds of chapstick
    wet wipes
    2 library cards
    3 credit/bank cards
    1 starbuck’s gift card
    old grocery list
    $10 bill
    cell phone
    post-it notes
    2 pencils
    1 pen
    a blue sharpie marker
    Bert’s Bees lip shimmer
    and a partridge in a pear tree!

    Just kidding on that last one. 🙂 I came by way of a search for cloth baby wipes but have really enjoyed poking around your site today.

  5. Thanks for playing Toni! You must have a pretty big purse to fit a pull-up in it, or is the pull-up squashed? LOL!

    ~Amy Sue

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