True Confessions – What’s in Your Purse/Wallet Redux

About 5 years ago I posted the first What’s in Your Purse/Wallet, and after stumbling across it recently I thought it would be fun to do it again.

So grab your purse (wallet for you guys) and tell us what’s in it. NO CHEATING – you can’t put anything in or take anything out.


Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  • 4 pens: 3 pink and 1 blue with a penlight on the end.
  • A handful of coupons that will expire soon.
  • Business cards for my massage therapist. She’s both amazing and affordable – contact me if you’re local and want her info!
  • Small notebook with note paper, a Post-It pad, Post-It flags, and short pen.
  • 2 checkbooks: family and child care.
  • Wallet with driver’s license, debit card, 4 of the 6 kids’ immunization records, insurance and dental cards, various gift cards, and a little cash.
  • Zippered coin purse purple, of course stuffed to the gills with punch cards, discount cards, coupons that have no expiration date, Culvers points and free scoop coupons, CPR, First Aid and child care association membership cards, bank account cards. See, stuffed to the gills!
  • Aveeno hand lotion – brand new.
  • Aveda hand lotion – almost gone.
  • An allergy pill bottle filled with various meds including Tylenol, Sudafed the good stuff you have to sign for, not the OTC stuff Claritin, Prilosec, Advil, etc.
  • My keys: house, Suburban, Rendezvous yes, I do have to look up how to spell Rendezvous every time, Princess’s old car, church outside key, church/school inside key, high school music wing key directors get keys to such places, three grocery store membership cards, keychain with rainbow music notes one side and “Amy Sue” on the back given to me by my best friend in High School, and purple crown carabiner which signifies my self-appointed Queen of the Universe status.
  • Spry Gems mints.
  • Sunglasses. Bright pink, from the Dollar store.
  • A handful of tissues, used and unused. I said no taking things out…
  • Ricola cough drops.
  • Over a dozen lipsticks, balms, etc: EOS honeydew and strawberry, Alba SPF lip balm, Wet n Wild balm stain in bright pink and rose these are super-duper heavy-duty – they last overnight on me, even after washing with face wash, Mary Kay lipstick in 3 shades of pink and rose, Mary Kay tinted lip balm in red and pink, Mary Kay liquid lip color in rose discontinued a while ago so I’ve been hoarding the 2 I still have, and a Lush brand lip color that Princess ordered for me through a friend.

I think I’m a little obsessed with lip products.

I also think I need a bigger purse.

Your turn! What’s in YOUR purse/wallet?

Amy Sue


  1. I carry a credit card in my back pants pocket, cash in my front pocket, and my phone in the other front pocket. I hate carrying a purse around, so I keep it tucked in my van in case I need something in it. Since I rarely look in it, I was also curious what’s actually in it!

    1. Checkbook/wallet containing my checkbook, gift cards, other credit cards, Children’s Museum pass, and insurance cards.

    2. Checkbook for the old bank where we still keep an account because of a rental house.

    3. A charger thing to charge my phone if it goes dead when I’m out and about.

    4. Feminine products

    5. A screwdriver, because I’m not sure why.

    6. A pen and a permanent marker

    7. Dental floss

    8. Aveeno sunscreen

    9. An unopened Hazelnut chocolate candy bar.

    10. Keys to our rental house.

    11. Box of Bandaids

    12. A bunch of well-child check up papers from the doctors office that I must just stuff in my purse as I leave

    13. 3 packs of gum that I probably confiscated from the kids after Grandma gave them packs of gum.

    14. 3 super tiny packs of pop rocks that someone probably gave me for the kids once and I forgot about.

    15. A quarter (for a cart at Aldi’s in case I can’t find one in the van)

    16. A clean pair of socks

    17. A lipstick tucked in a weird spot I didn’t know existed in my purse. That’s probably why I haven’t worn lipstick in a really long time.

    18. Lots of empty space. My purse is way too big for what I carry in it, apparently.

    • Natalie

      Thanks for playing! I totally laughed at the gum and pop rocks.

      I’m impressed that you have lots of empty space. My purse ends up getting filled with junk, no matter what size it is. In fact I bought a cute little purse for summer but couldn’t fit all of my “essentials” in it, even after purging twice. I finally gave up and put everything back into my old purse.

      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Amy Sue

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