Bridesmaid Dresses

When we peeked into the bridal dressing room last time all you got to see was the patterns and fabric.

Here’s the pattern and fabric again, in case you forgot:

Bridesmaid Dresses Pattern

Bridesmaid Dresses - Fabric


Are you ready to see the finished dresses?

Are you sure?

Ok, here you go…


Bridesmaid DressesAren’t they pretty? I think my mom did a fantastic job.

You want to see them ON the bridesmaids?

No problem!


Bridesmaid Dresses - FrontI think the dresses are almost as pretty as the girls. My favorite thing is that each girl could pick her own bodice, hairstyle and shoes – as long as they were black sandals.

I’ve been the bridesmaid in weddings where I had to wear the same dress as the other girls, have the same hairstyle as the other girls, even one where it was suggested we have our makeup the same way. I have the psychological scars to prove it.


Bridesmaid Dresses - BackHere’s the back of the dresses. In a wedding the back is almost more important than the front because everyone spends more time looking at the back than the front.

Next up: Wedding Dress Photos!

Amy Sue


  1. Karen Hazewinkel

    Okay, so I made you all wear the same dress….but I only said the shoes had to be close toed and patent leather black. And I said nothing about hair styles. And that the hem had to be xxx inches from the floor. I know Pam wore her dress at least one more time, if not twice later that fall and I think Carolyn did as well at Christmastime.

    So I hope I didn’t cause scars on your psyche!


  2. I think you really need to put up a picture of Peanut in her flower girl dress.

    • I’ve got a special Flower Girl Peanut post stewing around in the back of my mind. Once it’s done cooking I’ll get it typed up.

      ~Amy Sue
      (that’s Mom to you)

  3. They look great Amy Sue! It’s been really fun to go through all of your wedding posts!

  4. What was the brand and style number for these bridesmaid dresses?

  5. Very pretty dresses! Your mom did a wonderful job!

    • Anita,

      Thank you, I’ll pass on the compliment. She always does a really good job – she’s a perfectionist almost to the point of obsession. 😉

      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Amy Sue

  6. That’s a unique shade of purple! I like the sparkles. It’s great you allowed the girls to pick their own style.

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