His Fingerprints are All Over It

Little Guy loves my camera – LOVES it. No matter where I hide it he finds it. And being the smart boy he is, he knows how to turn it on. What he hasn’t learned yet is that he can’t touch the lens. And what I haven’t learned yet is to check the lens before taking any photos.

Case in point: these two photos. They’d be a wonderful record of Princess, Jo-Bear and Z-Man enjoying Grandma and Grandpa’s pool… IF Little Guy hadn’t had his little fingers all over the lens.

Kids in Pool

Still in Pool

What am I supposed to do with photos like this? They’re the only ones I have of the kids in the pool – Angel Face was in there too but she hightailed it out as soon as she saw the camera. She’s going through a terrible “Don’t take my picture” phase that is a real pain in the butt. Someday she’s going to look back and regret not having any pictures of herself from this stage in her life… Thunk – fell off my soapbox, blush. Guess I got a little carried away… Sorry about that! Back to topic… Since I don’t have any other kids-in-pool photos from this trip I guess I keep them to help us remember how much fun they had in the pool – and how much fun Little Guy has with my camera. As my grandma would say, “Worse things can happen…” Like, he could have thrown the camera INTO the pool!

Still on the way… dinner at the brother-in-law’s…
Amy Sue

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