Isn’t it Pretty?

My old purse refused to zip shut. I don’t know why, it just held a fat checkbook, coin purse, PDA, cell phone, set of keys that would make a janitor proud, two pots of hand lotion, three tubes of lip balm, and enough lipstick for a kissing booth, and several packs of gum. My current faves: Ice Breakers and Orbit Melon Breeze. OK, maybe I see why it wouldn’t shut but I NEED all my stuff! Since I can’t ditch anything it’s obviously time for a new purse.

I decided to get a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) one instead of something mass-produced, so I started browsing online. I finally decided on Julia Martinez Designs because I liked the look of her bags, they were reasonably priced, and she would do a custom order for me – hooray! We emailed back and forth a couple of times to hammer out the specifics – I wanted an 18″ strap so it would fit over my shoulder or on my arm and a zippered top so my stuff wouldn’t go flying out when I dropped it. I also ordered a matching zippered bag, just because it was so darn cute!

Today my new purse arrived and I’m thrilled! Here’s the set together:

The purse by itself:

Inside the purse:

The Zip It – isn’t it cute?!
Zip It

Here’s the purse stuffed with all my junk, it doesn’t look stuffed, does it?

Hard to believe all this is inside, and look how the pockets are the perfect size for my phone and PDA:

I think we’ll be friends for a very long time.

Amy Sue


  1. So cute! I’ve been shopping for a purse for awhile. After browsing for what seemed like hours, I picked one up at Kohl’s yesterday and almost bought it before I put it back at the last minute. You are inspiring me to do some more shopping.

  2. Thanks Amy! It’s a bit pricier than I could have gotten on sale at Kohls, but I love knowing that it’s pretty much one of a kind and that I supported a fellow WAHM. And so far it hasn’t run out of room yet, LOL!

    ~Amy Sue

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