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On a Sunday afternoon waaaay back in March I started making a prom dress for Princess. It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever sewn, and the one I’m most proud of. Not because it turned out perfect (it didn’t) or because it turned out beautiful (it did) but because it makes her feel felt like a princess when she puts it on. The smile on her face when she’s in that dress is worth any amount of ripping out, fixing mistakes and cussing. And now that I’ve finally downloaded the photos you can see her smile too. Enjoy!

Princess Princess in her dress. Teacher strung the beaded straps, and the shawl came from our guest from Thailand.


Flowers Her wrist corsage was gorgeous and smelled as good as it looked!


Princess & Cowboy Princess and Cowboy. Princess had her hair done in a salon, and Cowboy’s sister bullied him into leaving his cowboy boots and hat at home. They both look way too grown-up to me!


PrincessPrincess with her best friend Janice. Janice made her dress, shawl and matching purse all by herself! My mom made Princess’s matching wristlet – she’s gotten into making purses and bags lately. You can see the girls’ purses in the next photo.


All The whole group: Cowboy, Princess, Janice, and her date Josh.


Princess and Me Finally, Princess and me. Teacher wanted a photo of us together since I was still dressed up from band competition. I look at Princess and marvel that I’m the mother of such a beautiful, smart, charming girl. I’m the luckiest mom in the world!

Amy Sue


  1. Such beautiful photos! You did such a great job!! I remember my mom made my prom dress my junior year. I picked out a nice lavender and apparently jewel tones were in that year. Oh well. I’m sure I’m the only one who remembers.

  2. Gorgeous, Amy Sue! You really did a beautiful job, both on the dress and on the daughter you made 😉

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m constantly amazed at how beautiful she is – on the inside even more than the outside.

    My Mom made one of my prom dresses too – blue flowered Gunne Sax with rows of lace, ribbons, laces up the front the whole nine yards. (Anyone else not-young enough to remember Gunne Sax?) I loved that dress… more because my mom made it than because of the dress itself.

    Amy: All that matters is if you liked your dress – who cares what was “in” that year?!

    ~Amy Sue

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, and how special that you made her dress, that is wonderful.

    And I totally remember Gunne Sax!! That is where I got my first communion dress from :o)

  5. I had a couple of Gunne Sax dresses – I should dig out the photos so we can all have a good laugh. 😀

    ~Amy Sue

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