Angel Face Soccer

Teacher loves soccer, so naturally the children grew up playing and loving it too. I didn’t play soccer so I don’t know the rules well, but I love watching our kids play; they each have different strengths and skills.


Angel Face Kicking the BallI was only able to see one of Angel Face’s high school games because most of them were scheduled during child care hours, but I enjoyed the one I got to see.


Angel Face RunningAngel Face has long legs that eat up the ground; when she puts on the speed she can outrun almost everyone.


Angel Face Running Again“Run, Angel Face! First to the ball!”


Angel Face Nine Years AgoWhen she was nine I used to yell for her to be first to the ball too.


Angel Face Playing SoccerI’m not sure she likes it when I yell so I try to restrain myself, but I usually get so into the game I can’t help myself.


Angel Face Playing SoccerI love watching her go full-tilt for the ball; she’s no shrinking violet.


Angel Face age NineNever has been.


Her high school soccer season is over, but this summer she’s on a competitive soccer team; I can’t wait to see her play!
Amy Sue

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