Lots of Fun with a Little Fondue

It’s May, which means it’s Valley AEYC Annual Dinner time!

This year the dinner was held at the Melting Pot – a fondue restaurant I’ve wanted to try for a while.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Box of ChocolatesThe committee chose a Pampering theme, and had a box of luscious truffles at each place setting.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Half of the GroupSmile! We had a smaller group than usual, but it was tons of fun anyway.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - our Vice-President and PresidentAngie, our Vice President and Dorothy, our newly-elected President.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Me and CarieMe I’m the Secretary and Carie.


After a brief business meeting it was time for some door prizes; the Dinner committee always has great prizes, and this year was no different! Everyone put their name in a basket and when your name was picked you could choose a prize. Since all the prizes were in identical paper bags you wouldn’t know what was inside until you opened it.

I love surprises – don’t you?


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Julie with WineThe waitress picked our first lucky winner: Julie!


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Michelle with BlanketNext, Michelle!


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Carie with WineAnd Carie!

The committee had prizes for everyone, and a grand prize at the end.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Nicole an the 'Bra' Nicole’s door prize was the most fun… all night the committee members who had shopped for the prizes were cracking jokes about one of the door prizes being a bra.

I didn’t get it until she opened her prize…


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Julie and the 'Bra' It’s a sleep mask called “40 Winks” because you can blink your eyes underneath.

Looks like a bra to me too!


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Fondue ChocolateOf course you can’t go to a fondue restaurant without dipping something in chocolate; I think it’s even a rule.

This is called the Snickers: milk chocolate, caramel and peanut butter. Yummmmm!


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Fondue DippersLook at all the goodies just waiting to be dipped in chocolate! My favorites were the brownies, strawberries, and bananas.


VAEYC Dinner 2011 - Angie with ChocolateAnd a good time was had by all.


I can’t wait to see where next year’s Dinner will be held!
Amy Sue


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